Getting the Right Clicks at the Right Time

Hard at work on PPC campaigns and adwords management


The first thing to remember about Pay-Per-Click advertising: not all clicks are the same. When setting up your first AdWords campaign, people often attempt to reach as many people as possible. While that is generally a good rule of thumb, this can end up costing a lot of money and getting nothing in return. The best PPC campaigns are those that are targeted at the right people at the right time, achieving the best results.


Disruptive Advertising has a team of specialized PPC account managers who know the ins and outs of PPC programs, so that none of your money goes to waste. We find the best search terms with the highest search volume, run through the ads to make sure that they are being matched with those keywords, and make sure the ads are relevant both to the consumer and to the content on your website. By doing all of this, we boost your Quality Score to help your advertisements to post as often and as effectively as possible.


At Disruptive Advertising, we aim to look past the usual data of clicks and conversions, find exactly why your account is performing the way it is, and how to make it better. This approach enables us to take a specialized, personalized approach to all of our accounts to deliver the best, most accurately optimized results for everyone.


So if you’re looking to start a new PPC campaign, or if you want to improve your current campaigns, contact us and we’ll get started making your PPC campaigns deliver the results you want.