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adobe dtm wordpress plugin
September 27, 2016 By Tag Management

If you have a WordPress site and you need to implement Adobe DTM on said website, look no further! We have built a powerful yet simple plugin for WordPress that will not only add Adobe DTM to your site, it will also automatically build a tracking data layer for all of your pages.

Get the Adobe DTM for WordPress Plugin

Here is a comprehensive list of features provided by the plugin:

  1. Automatic installation of the header and footer code.  All you need to do is specify the URL of the DTM library.
    adobe dtm snippet
  2. Customize the name of the global data layer object.
    adobe dtm data layer object name
  3. Pick and choose what you want in the data layer. This will pull data directly from WordPress.  This includes:
    1. Site title
    2. Site description / tagline
    3. Site platform
    4. Site URL
    5. Post type
    6. Post sub type
    7. Page ID
    8. Category list
    9. Tags
    10. Author name
    11. Post date
    12. Modified date
    13. Post title
    14. Post excerpt
    15. Post custom fields
    16. Post count – includes # of posts currently shown on the page
    17. Search term
    18. Search results – # of search results
    19. Search origin – referrer of where the search originated from
    20. Logged-in status
    21. Logged-in user role
    22. Comments – # of comments on a page/post
  4. For each item in the data layer, you can also customize what the name should be.
  5. You can use sub-objects for each item in the data layer. For example, if you wanted to follow the W3C data layer spec, you can build out the sub-objects as needed. Here is an example configuration that follows the spec:
    wordpress data layer configuration
    And here is what the data layer now looks like on the page:
    digitalData data layer
  6. Disable DTM from loading for any logged-in users. This can also be specified by the user type.
  7. If DTM is already installed and you just need to build a data layer, there is a check box specifically for this feature:
    data layer only checkbox

We hope you enjoy this plugin as much as we do. Please contact us with any bugs or feature requests!

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  • Hello, I installed this plug-in on my company wordpress website as we are working with a company that has asked us to add Adobe DTM to the website. I saw online that this plug-in was the easiest way to implement the header and footer for Adobe DTM. I am looking through the source code for the page, and I see that the header script is properly placed, however, the footer script is not being loaded properly. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • TeeBizness says:

    Great plugin and thanks.
    My only observation is that it only allows for the placing of one DTM library. I am using both the staging and production libraries on the same site, is there anyway to accommodate this?

    Also, and this is optimistic, but in a future version is there any possibility of allowing users to add their own datalayer entries with variables or even hardcoded values?

    Keep up the good work.


  • Bob Noel says:

    I’ve implemented this plugin and it works like a charm! I’m missing one value though – eVar93 – I can’t for the life of me find where this is set…Any chance you could point me in the right direction?

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