Analytics Implementation

Set Yourself Up For Success!

Analytics is all about studying the behavior of users on your site and then using that to make improvements in the places that will make the biggest difference.

Conversion Funnel Optimization - Disruptive Advertising

Conversion Funnel Testing

The more you understand about how your customers move from click-to-close, the more you can optimize their journey for success. Custom Conversion Funnels are the key to following a customer’s path through a multi-step or multi-page conversion process. With the right analytics setup, you can see exactly where users exit your site and fail to convert.

Once you know where the roadblocks are, you can make changes where they’ll make the biggest impact. Whether that means redesigning a form, simplifying a checkout process, or A/B Testing a completely separate conversion funnel, it all starts with understanding exactly how users are interacting with your site from landing page-to-sale.

User Flow & Bounce Rates

Knowing where users exit your conversion funnel is critical to understanding which elements are causing you to retain or lose customers. At Disruptive, we set up tracking for all visitors to your web site so you know which pages are most effective as landing pages, which need to be revised, and which need the most immediate improvement. This allows you to track what percentage of your traffic makes it past your landing page, their path through your site and the hiccups along the way.

User Flow and Bounce Rates graphic - Disruptive Advertising
Goal And Event Tracking graphic - Disruptive Advertising

Goal & Event Tracking

Anything that can be tracked, should be tracked. You never know when a particular site element will turn out to be a gold mine!

If your website has interactive elements, including forms, buttons, dynamic Phone Numbers, checkouts, or just about anything else, you’ll want to make sure it’s tracked as an analytics event. More importantly, as you define how those element contribute to the conversion process, you’ll want to set up specific goals for optimizing interactions with your site.

At Disruptive, we make sure you have event tracking set up for your site and segment the resulting data to determine which channels or elements perform the best.

Click & Heat Tracking

One great way to visualize how your traffic is interacting with your site is to use click or heat maps. Click or heat maps allow you to see how users respond to different aspects of your page.

For example, you might find that a navigation button is drawing attention away from your conversion funnel, or that a graphic element is being mistaken for a button. By tracking how visitors interact with your site, you can learn a lot about why site elements succeed or fail.

Click and Heat Tracking graphic - Disruptive Advertising
CRM Integration graphic - Disruptive Advertising

CRM Integration

The best way to learn which conversions lead to completed sales is with an effective CRM solution. For some businesses that can be as simple as a shared spreadsheet document, but many companies use full-feature commercial or in-house CRMs.

We work with clients to set up custom CRM integrations so all our leads can be tracked from click-to-close. That lets us work backwards from completed sales to the original keyword and ad clicks, giving us the insight we need to determine where your sales are coming from. Once we’ve identified your most effective channels, we optimize for those channels and work to get you the most out of your campaigns.