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February 9, 2015 By AdWords

When to slow it down…and when to punch it.

When you have a Google AdWords campaign with “All Features” enabled, you have a choice of how your ads are delivered, Standard and Accelerated, which determine how often your ad is shown and how quickly your budget is used.

The standard delivery method, which is the default in AdWords, aims to deliver your ads in a way that distributes ad budget evenly throughout each day.

Accelerated delivery displays your ad more frequently as soon as each day starts until your budget is reached.

Because delivery method is impacted by budget, it is extremely useful to know the differences between standard and accelerated delivery, especially if the your budget is limited. So which method should you use? Here are some pros and cons of each to help you decide whether to use standard or accelerated ad deliver in AdWords.

Standard Ad Delivery

With standard delivery, the first problem, or solution (depending on how you look at it), is that your entire budget may not be used. Google’s algorithm will guess from previous data to see how often your keyword is likely to be triggered and how much it will cost. But the actual data might be different than the prediction. When the number of searches for your keyword isn’t as high (in volume or in cost) as the algorithm predicts, you will end up with unspent budget.

Because standard delivery spreads your budget throughout the day, you will miss out on some morning searches in order to show up later in the day. Depending on your business this may not be beneficial. If you’re advertising a breakfast cafe you definitely want your ads showing as much as possible in the morning!

As you’ve probably realized, if your delivery method is set to standard you won’t show up every time your keywords are searched. Google will calculate how often you can show up in a day based on your budget and will spread how often your ad is shown accordingly. So you may be showing up only once an hour if your budget only allows for an average of 24 clicks a day.

Because Google is focused on showing your ads throughout a day rather than in every search, your clicks may cost less. This occurs because Google takes into consideration the average cost per click enters you into the AdWords auctions most likely to get you more clicks. You may be placed in cheaper auctions when fewer competitors are running, or bid on auctions with your less expensive keywords.

Standard delivery method is useful for a limited budget because your ad is likely to show at any time during the day. The only way to tell which time of day gets more conversions see what the data says, and standard delivery will help you learn when you get more clicks, more conversions, a higher click through rate, a better position, etc. Once you have the data you can create an ad schedule to show ads at the most effective times of day.

Accelerated Ad Delivery

With accelerated delivery, there is a better chance your budget will be completely used each day. This is because Google enters your ad into every eligible ad auction as long as you have budget left until your limit is reached. If you have a high volume keyword and a limited budget, your ad might stop showing around noon.

Accelerated ad delivery might mean that you miss out on searchers later in the day. That could be great if you’re a breakfast cafe open until 1pm, but might be terrible if you’re a restaurant that only serves dinner.

Accelerated delivery is great for getting a top position with a low budget. Because accelerated aims to use your budget as fast as possible, your ads may show up higher on the page and get more costly clicks.

You may get more clicks with accelerated delivery than standard because of higher ad positioning, which will allow more people to notice your ads.

Accelerated delivery is good if you aren’t using up all of your budget each day. Because you will be entered into all eligible auctions, you will most likely get more clicks, which will probably use more budget than standard delivery even if your budget isn’t limited.

As always, actual performance may vary depending on your industry, so test each method for a week to see which one really performs better for your account, and let us know in the comments how it goes!

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Jenny Hatch

Chief of Staff
As the Executive Assistant, Jenny's primary focus is to help the Executive Team better lead the company with the proper financials, reporting, presentations, accountability etc. Jenny's role as an account manager, social media marketing manager, and accountant along with her recently earned MBA have allowed her to develop an understanding of the business that few others have.


  • Rajiv says:

    Thank you for the valuable words about delivery method in google Adwords. It is very helpful for me.

  • Aaron says:

    Hey Jenny,

    Solid topic choice, I had a question about delivery methods affecting cpc. I’ve been wondering if an accelerated delivery method also spikes a cost per click. In order to get an ad that would typically have avg. position of 4-6, maybe Google bumps it up to an avg. position of 2-3 which “could” drive up the cost per click. Would be cool to do a little research on that in the future…

    Thanks for taking the time to write up your thoughts!
    – Aaron

  • Trills says:

    Hi Jenny. Any idea what time accelerated adverts start each day? I can’t figure it out. I have a schedule to show ads all the time, so what time would my daily budget begin?

    • Jenny Hatch says:

      Hey, ads should start showing at midnight for whatever time zone you’ve set your account to. If you haven’t set your account to a certain time, it’ll most likely be GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

  • Sankar says:

    Thanks for your information. Due to wrong delivery method settings I lost my money.

  • Thanks for this insightful information on Google PPC Adwords

  • Nana says:

    which would you advise for someone promoting music

  • boostit says:

    I have a client that has a shop that delivers flowers that spend $800 per day, he prefers that all the orders received until the noon so we set accelerated ad delivery.
    it is really depend on the client business

  • Bo Lais says:

    I agree with Jenny about testing each option for a few weeks to see what works out better. Of course, this assumes you aren’t closed at certain times of the day like the examples she proposed. I’ve had better results with accelerated for my business to compete with larger competitors that have a larger budget. However, it’s not the same for every niche. Good stuff Jenny!

  • If you have a campaign that doesn’t reach budget everyday is accelerated advised to get more traffic?

  • shiva says:

    Hey I have a question. If i had decided a cpc for an adgroup. So. if i use accelerate mode to boosting up campaign should the cpc cost will increase or not.

  • Ajibola says:

    Hi i know this isnt related to the topic but i have a particular ad that was approved it ran for a day then stopped for the past 3 days display ad to be precise

  • John says:

    What happens if you user Accelerated to go to every auction, but then you cut the CPC you normally bid, leaving a campaign that will be present at every auction, but limited by CPC? That might mean a lower cpc, right?

  • Vlad Kogan says:

    What if your customer audience 65+ so any use of phone, tablet or computer starts with the words “ok honey, where are my glasses”
    I belive they are early birds and campaign needs to run from 7AM to 3 PM max. After that time they eat supper, go breathe fresh air and TV + Shower + bedtime. Additional I do not believe they are shopping on mobile for items such as expensive medical supplies. They are checking info on mobile and waste your clicks. I don’t think targeting to mobile devices for this audience is smart as they don’t see anything, don’t remember anything (so what I’ll google again). I could be wrong …
    What say you, Maestro

  • nice post. Was really helpful.

  • Kenneth says:

    Hey Jenny, great article but the only thing that spoils Google Adwords is the competition in your industry. By this, I mean that throughout the day or night whichever times you operate the competition will continuously click on your ads, changing the keywords and driving your ad budget out the door quicker then you can blink. I think the best way to invest your money is either social media ads or aggressive SEO and gain organic traffic, and it may take a bit longer to get to the first position in Google but most definitely worth it what do you guys think?

  • Really helpful video, i will try it.

  • Rakesh Kumar says:

    This is very helpful content. i have implemented on my website and get good result.

  • Gaurav says:

    Very helpful content.

  • So which delivery method is good for Laundry business ? We are a online company and open 24 hours.

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