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What is Lifecycle Marketing?

At Disruptive, we live and breathe email marketing but why stop at just the inbox?

We want to ensure our clients are providing their audiences the kind of dynamic communications and experiences they need as they move from potential customers to thriving brand advocates. The best way to do this?

Disruptive Lifecycle Marketing.

Lifecycle Marketing Features and Process

Customer Lifecycle Marketing is one of the most underrated all-encompassing strategies for e-commerce companies and should be a priority outside of acquisition and retention. From building strong value propositions, nurturing subscribers with contextual, targeted content to supporting customer retention, our Lifecycle Marketing team can help you take your communications to the next level.

Our Disruptive Lifecycle Marketing team offers some of the most cutting edge Lifecycle Marketing features on the market:

Email Marketing


Text/SMS Systems

Let us handle everything, allowing you to focus on what matters most— your business! We’ll take care of all the intricate steps in communication instead of you worrying about content creation, testing, scheduling and more! On top of saving you time and sanity, our experienced team can ensure you optimal results for your email, SMS, and chatbot strategies.

Instead of defining projects, opportunities, and tests preemptively, we work with clients to establish a test and learn process for marketing automation. Disruptive keeps communication, well, “Disruptive” as we are constantly analyzing, iterating and optimizing campaigns to best produce results. Other agencies might claim they are fully customizing your campaigns, but we take the extra step in constantly evolving and iterating content for top performance.

Why Disruptive Lifecycle Marketing?

We are not here to simply manage your communication streams, we are here to create, adapt and optimize your content with you and your business as it evolves and changes. Business communication is supposed to be Disruptive, so let us do what we do best: Disrupt and deepen communication with your audience.

Instead of running a long list of “pats on the back” we are gonna give it to you straight, Disruptive Lifecycle Marketing can change your e-commerce because:

Vendor Neutral Experts

We are able to work in any Email, Chatbot, or SMS Service Provider or we will recommend the best option for your business.

Fully Customizable Operations

Services will be aligned to your specific processes, project management operations, and delivery needs.

Flexible Cross Channel Packages

Our packages can be used across email, chatbots, and SMS as your demands change to keep you ahead of the curve.

Disruptive Lifecycle Marketing Results

At Disruptive, we get eCommerce. In fact, Disruptive Lifecycle marketing clients have said the following about our Lifecycle process and product:

Andrew Parker Profile Picture - Disruptive Advertising

“Disruptive makes me look like a hero. They’re easy to work with, diligent and—above all—dedicated to my success. We’ve doubled our leads for four straight years!”

Andrew Parker | Director of Digital Marketing, iTOK

Matt Burgener Profile Picture - Disruptive Advertising

“Disruptive hates wasting money as much as I do! They are savvy at figuring out how to make PPC work for my business.”

Matt Burgener | Chief Marketing Officer, Copart

Gary Lundmark Profile Picture - Disruptive Advertising

“Disruptive is my trusted source to make sure I am getting the most out of my digital marketing. They take the drama out of the decision-making process and let the data speak for itself.”

Gary Lundmark | Director of Digital Marketing, Guitar Center

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