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*Minimum ad spend budget of $750. If you are in a competitive metro area we highly suggest a minimum of at least $3000 to be competitive and drive results for your business.

*You can run ads 24/7, but it is typically recommended to run ads only during business hours as to have someone available to answer phone leads immediately.

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Upon completion of this form, a $300 payment will be processed. It will cover the first month's management cost. Once the campaigns are live this $300 management fee will cover your first month's management. The ad spend you've stated above will be charged approximately one week from completion of this form, in preparation for the campaign launch. The first month everyone is charged just a $300 minimum management fee. Afterward, management fee will be the $300 minimum or 18% of your individual ad spend (whichever is greater). If you opt in to both Google & Facebook ads, there is a $300 minimum management fee for each platform