Strategic Testing Methodologies

Use the Right Tools the Right Way

As many would-be do-it-yourselfers can attest, having the right tools is not the same thing as knowing how to use them. To really succeed at Conversion Rate Optimization, you need to know what your goal is and how to create the tests that will generate significant information as quickly as possible.

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Revenue First

Improving site traffic is nice, increasing conversions is great, but raising your bottom line is what really counts.

It’s not always easy to connect the dots between your digital marketing campaign and revenue, so many companies (and agencies) tend to focus on skin-deep metrics. Sure, bounce rate or page views are helpful indicators of success, but they don’t always affect your bottom line. You don’t run a digital marketing campaign to get a 25% bounce rate. A 25% increase in profit, though? That’s a compelling metric.

At Disruptive, we are laser focused on making sure our testing actions make you money. Since testing is a great way to get more out of the traffic you already have, testing is a fantastic way to increase profits without adding a lot of extra budget.

Proprietary Methodologies

Every site is different and every audience for every site is different. For this reason, “best practice” is typically only “best practice” for the site that developed it. Are there general trends? Sure, but what works for one site (or even many sites) may not be what works for your site.

At Disruptive, we’ve seen hundreds of companies run thousands of tests. While we may not have all the answers, we have seen the patterns of success enough times to know where to start and how to test to develop your site’s own “best practice.” Over time, we’ve turned our observations into a succinct and highly effective methodology that gives us a proven framework for creating amazing, actionable test ideas.

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Efficiency Equation

The faster you get results, the better your testing ROI. At Disruptive, we know how important it is to prioritize and build tests that quickly get you the results you need. In fact, we put such an emphasis on this that we developed our own equation to guide our efforts. With this equation in hand, we practice what we preach and measure our own efficiency using hard data.

The efficiency equation has 3 key components: population, impact and cost. By optimizing each of these components, we are able to focus our testing efforts on the areas of your site that are most likely to yield impactful results in the shortest timeframe possible.

Let the Data Decide

Testing is the best data-driven way to learn what matters, increase conversions, and increase revenue-per-visitor.

Companies that don’t test end up guessing what works. They guess which changes matter and which visitors are important. They do so much guessing that they put their profits at risk!

Testing is the best data-driven way to make decisions. Looking at Analytics can provide helpful information; but, until you make a change, you don’t really know where your data came from. Is there a connection? Probably. Do you know what the connection is? Not at all.

Testing allows you to control the variables and determine cause and effect. Now you don’t have to wonder how an aspect of your site affects your conversion rate. You know. And that’s powerful data that can make huge differences to the profitability of your website.

Let the Data Decide - Disruptive Advertising