Constant Iterative Testing

Test, Test, Test, Test, Test...

To get the most out of Conversion Rate Optimization, you need a great process in place for continuous, iterative testing. Basically, the cycle should look something like this: test → learn → hypothesize → test...and so on. Then, as you make discoveries along the way, you also make the changes that drive your bottom line.

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Test Constantly

Testing is an opportunity that keeps on giving because there are always new things to learn and new value to monetize. However, even the simplest site has a million potential iterations, so successful testing must follow a disciplined approach.

Testing should not be seasonal. It shouldn’t be a temporary company initiative. It shouldn’t be something that happens in cycles or waves. Testing needs to happen all the time, all year round, every year. Continual testing not only allows you to try as many site variations as possible, it also gives you a constant, up-to-date stream of information about what is affecting the effectiveness of your site.

At Disruptive, testing is our lifeblood. Iteration is a key part of our methodology and that iteration only happens through continual testing. By taking advantage of our continuous testing approach, you get better results at a better price all the time.

Strategic Planning & Collaboration

Planning is at the core of any good iterative strategy. To make your testing as relevant and successful as possible, your strategy needs to incorporate the appropriate business questions. At Disruptive, we work with you to make sure we understand your business and goals and then work with you to translate those into successful testing campaigns.

We know that getting on a call and doing some old fashion talking can keep the ideas flowing and ensure success, so we meet with you regularly to brainstorm, plan, and collaborate. Plus, it’s fun to get to know each other better.

Taking the time to understand your business gives us the information we need to craft the home run test ideas that will take your website to the next level.

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Roadmap and Documentation

One of the keys to our success is our dedication to documentation. After we collaborate and plan with a business, we create a thorough record of our ideas and tests. This allows us to create a strategic testing roadmap that keeps our efforts on track.

Over time it can be hard to keep track of a lot of tests and designs without a good roadmap and documentation process. Since our top priority is making your site a success, we help manage the process and help document the most important parts of testing so we have a long term record of our testing results.

Design & Development

Einstein describes insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” In terms of site optimization, this means that you’ll never be more successful if you never create anything new.

Big changes produce big differences in visitor behavior and we love pushing the boundaries on what can be done. The biggest limitation is not what can be done, but what people can imagine.

At Disruptive, we have a team of expert designers and developers that understand web development and the importance of testing out new experiences. Creating new experiences is a fundamental part of testing and allowing creative people to dream big and create can drive amazing results for your site.

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Test Setup & Quality Assurance

No matter how good your tests, ideas or design are, setting up your test in the wrong way or with the wrong tool can ruin your results. At Disruptive, we’ve used and use a lot of tools and we know how to setup tests to get the results that you need. If you already have a testing tool (Adobe Target, Maxymiser, Optimizely, VWO, etc) we can help you use that better or, if you need a testing tool, we can recommend one.

We have a rigorous setup and Quality Assurrance process to ensure that any change made to your site is thoroughly tested and setup to drive real results. A tool by itself is worthless, but a tool combined with expert strategy and expert setup is a key component of success.

Results Interpretation

False positives and false negatives can literally ruin a business. After all, you make decisions on the assumption that your data is accurate; but, if your results are misleading or misinterpreted, you could end up worse off than when you started. There is an art and a science to interpreting results and you have to do both properly.

Too many agencies and companies only use one measure to call winning results – statistical confidence. Unfortunately ,this one metric has led more companies astray in their testing than any other since winners and losers are declared prematurely and often without enough data.

At Disruptive, we help you interpret results in a way that ensures every winning experience is truly a winner that will make you money.

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Iterate & Reiterate

Digital marketing is a dynamic, constantly changing landscape. As a result, testing is never a “get credit and forget it” endeavor. To truly get the most out of your website, you need to follow a good process and then repeat it.

At Disruptive, we approach testing with a constant reiteration mindset. This makes sure that we are always chasing the best data and learning about the valuable locations on your site while getting the most out of the value we have identified. We keep testing because there are always new opportunities and your audience’s expectations and preferences are constantly changing.

Testing is the one thing that – if done right – should be done more, not less.