Reporting & Dashboards

Get the Transparent, Real-Time Data You Need

The last questions you should ever need to ask a marketing agency are "How are we doing?" or "What are we doing now?" Effective reporting and feedback are absolutely essential elements of successful campaign management.

Detailed Reporting graphic - Disruptive Advertising

Detailed Reporting

If you want great results from your digital marketing, you need to stay abreast of what is happening with your campaigns. At Disruptive, we provide all our PPC Management, Conversion Rate Optimization and Analytics clients with regular updates on campaign progress via scheduled email reports and phone calls. We develop comprehensive strategies for every client and establish concrete milestones for achieving goals and then we send regular updates on our progress towards those goals.

You put a lot of money into your campaigns, so you deserve to get a lot in return. To make sure we’re giving our clients exactly what they need, we ask for regular feedback and data so we can really determine how their campaigns are performing from click-to-close.

Our philosophy is, the better we understand how your company works from top-to-bottom, the better your digital marketing results will be!

Personalized Dashboard

It’s your digital marketing campaign, so you should be able to check up on it whenever you want, right? Personalized dashboards allow you to see what’s going on with your campaigns at any given point.

At Disruptive, we believe in 100% transparency, which means that–in addition to retaining full ownership over all your accounts–you should also have the ability to check on them whenever you need. That’s why we provide you with regular downloadable reports and a live online dashboard that combines data from Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Phone Calls, into a single easy-to-read report.

You’ll get your own personal login to our reporting so you have all the information you need right at your fingertips, and if you need custom reports we’ll work with you to set those up based on whatever parameters are most useful for your business.

Personalized Dashboard - Disruptive Advertising