Closed Loop Marketing

Use Conversion and Sales Data to Drive Your Marketing Strategy

From the outside, digital marketing looks simple. You put money into a campaign, turn the crank and spit out sales and paying customers. Unfortunately, getting a marketing campaign to run like a well oiled machine can be frustratingly difficult. Closed Loop Marketing is the ideal "nuts and bolts" campaign diagnostic you need to make your online marketing efforts a success.

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To get great digital marketing results, you need a great digital marketing strategy. However, 47% of digital marketing campaigns aren’t even tracking their return-on-investment! Not surprisingly, only 2% of those campaigns actually succeed. Without a plan and metrics in place, digital marketing is basically gambling with your money. You might get lucky, but the odds are stacked against you.

At Disruptive, we develop a custom marketing strategy for your business centered on monitoring and maximizing the profitability of your digital marketing. We base our initial decisions on a variety of factors such as our industry experience, best practices, and your past history and existing marketing efforts. This includes setting up Paid Search campaigns, keywords, ads, and custom Landing Pages, as well as setting up the Analytics tools necessary to capture data from your marketing.

While getting a great strategy and its essential components set up is a good starting place, we don’t stop there. As good as our first guess might be, we know that the only way to really make a digital marketing campaign a success is to continually review and revise. What works isn’t always what you think will work, so it takes constant effort and data analysis to create a truly effective strategy.


Running a great digital marketing campaign is a lot of work. If you’re willing to put in the effort, the return can be fantastic, but many companies–and, unfortunately, agencies–set their campaigns up and then put them on autopilot. In fact, 92% of campaigns go untouched for 3 or more months at a time!

At Disruptive, we know how important it is to give your campaigns the attention they need. To make sure that our clients get optimal results, every campaign we manage is run by a dedicated PPC Strategist certified in relevant platforms like Google and Bing as well as our own rigorous internal training. We give each account personal attention and follow-up and communicate weekly with our clients on goals, strategy, and outcomes. Additionally, we set up real-time Reporting Dashboards so you can monitor exactly what is going on with your accounts at any given time.

Successful digital marketing is kind of like successful parenting. If you’re willing to put in the time to nurture and develop a campaign, the rewards are immense. If not, things usually don’t work out very well.

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The key to successful digital marketing is analytics. A good analytics setup equips you with a wealth of information about your campaigns. Where is your traffic coming from? Where are they visiting on your site? What path do they take to conversion? Analytics has the answers.

Analytics offers an imposing amount of information, which is why it is helpful to know which aspects are most important to your business. That’s where testing comes into play. At Disruptive, we break down leads at the keyword level and A/B test multiple variables, including ads and landing pages to learn what produces the best results.

Lead generation is just the beginning. We also track sales and determine which conversion funnels actually generate profits. As we learn from this data, we use it to develop a more refined strategy, allowing the process to start all over again.