Keyword-Specific Call Tracking

Integrate Phone Calls Into Your Campaign Analysis

For many businesses, sales start with a web search and end with a phone call. Since most callers don't introduce themselves by saying, "I saw your ad on Google," it's often hard for these companies to know whether or not their digital marketing efforts are working. Fortunately, there are ways to link calls to the campaigns that produced them. If you set it up right, Call Tracking can give you the information you need, right down to the keyword!

Keyword Level Call Tracking graphic - Disruptive Advertising

Keyword-Level Call Tracking

It’s hard to make data-driven decisions with out data. Sadly, this is often the case for businesses whose primary source of leads is phone calls. As a broad metric, you can tell if phone calls are increasing, which could be due to campaign success, but you have no idea which campaigns are driving phone calls or why.

At Disruptive, we not only have the ability to create and track custom Paid Search phone numbers, we can track calls right down to the keyword level. That means no more guessing which keywords are actually producing phone leads!

Once you know which keywords are delivering the best leads, you can track cost-per-call with precision and set your bids accordingly. Without keyword-level call tracking you’re left guessing at your call performance, which makes it impossible to make decisions with total confidence.

Call Recording

Driving leads is great. Turning leads into sales is better. A good digital marketing campaign doesn’t stop when a potential customer picks up the phone to call your company.

For many campaigns, there is a disconnect between marketing and sales. This can be especially true for call centers, where the salesperson answering the phone may not be fully up to speed on what is happening in the campaign. At Disruptive, we believe that good communication between sales and marketing is vital to digital campaign success.

To help ensure that the whole process is working well, we provide call recording for incoming calls. With your permission, our account strategists will periodically review individual calls to determine their quality and relevance and we’ll also provide feedback on your sales process to help you close as many leads as you can. We can even send you call recordings or call summaries so you can monitor the process yourself.

If you already have a call tracking system we can work with it or set up call forwarding so can track phone leads in whatever way makes the most sense for your business. We also integrate our call tracking data with a live reporting and Analytics Dashboard so you can see what’s happening at any time.

Ultimately, the most important goal for a digital marketing campaign is to make money for your company. At Disruptive, we want to make sure the entire process runs smoothly from click-to-close.

Call Recording - Disruptive Advertising