Meet Our Team

Jacob Baadsgaard Founder and CEO
Jacob Baadsgaard

Jake is the CEO and fearless leader of Disruptive Advertising. His face is as big as his heart, and he loves hugs, improving ROI, and coming up with killer account strategies.

Salar Salahshoor Managing Director
Salar Salahshoor

Salar joined Disruptive to lead strategic growth initiatives and to inspire and nurture a strong client services culture. Outside of work, if he's not practicing his divemaster skills in Monterey, you can find him planning his next international adventure.

Cory McEwan VP of Operations
Cory McEwan

Cory has been in the Digital Marketing industry for a decade, and is in charge of making our team as efficient as possible.

He's an avid Utah Jazz fan, and he loves to golf.

Chris Dayley VP of Testing & Site Optimization
Chris Dayley

Chris envisions a world where every business tests their ideas, where touching a computer screen doesn't leave a fingerprint, and where lightsabers are real. When he's not fixing his hair you will most likely find him pushing the boundaries of A/B testing and disrupting the website design space.

Brittani Hunsaker Director of PPC
Brittani Hunsaker

Brittani has a passion for online marketing and driving results for businesses. She strives to revolutionize each client’s online marketing strategy. She's a huge Game of Thrones fan, closet Candy Crusher, and enjoys spending time with family & friends.

Allison Otting Lead UI Designer
Allison Otting

Allison was our first designer. She loves improving customers' pages with quality, educated design.

Most of the time, she's building and testing landing pages. Outside of work hours, you can assume she’s updating her dog's Instagram, or trying to finally finish Fallout 4.

Kristie McClure Finance Director
Kristie McClure

Kristie is our “number girl.” She has a weird thing for 10-keys. When she isn’t making sure the balance sheet actually balances, you can find her doing anything and everything with her amazing husband and golden retriever, Max.

Adam Haining VP Analytics
Adam Haining

Adam heads up our web analytics practice and really likes data. He also likes the simple things in life, like wifi sprinkler controllers, because who wouldn't like that? Challenge him to ping pong any day, you'll probably win.

Saunder Schroeder VP of Paid Social
Saunder Schroeder

Saunder is passionate about growing brands through digital marketing, and has done so for Fortune 50 to startup companies. He’s a legend in his own mind, and is obsessed with his family (wife + baby girl), football and sweet potato fries.

Sarah Rodriguez Senior UI Designer
Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah's our quiet, sassy CRO designer. Always well dressed and hardworking, she is one of our client's favorite people to work with. On the weekend she's baking macaroons or is getting fitted for custom opera gowns.

John Thuet Director of Product & SMB
John Thuet

John is our extreme, all around, athletic dude and beard enthusiast. He loves the outdoors and is currently obsessed with rock climbing.

His major pet peeves include paying too much for food and being late.

Jennifer Jordan Senior PPC Strategist
Jennifer Jordan

Jenny's favorite thing about digital marketing is the ability to have clear impacts on business growth. Her Stanford degree in Psychology makes her effective in managing her client's marketing campaigns. On the weekends, Jenny is looking for new trails to hike.

Aden Andrus Director of Marketing
Aden Andrus

Over his career, Aden has developed and marketed millions of dollars of successful products. He lays awake at nights figuring out new marketing tactics and is constantly upping Disruptive's internal marketing game. He loves to write, dance and destroy computer monitors in full medieval armor.

Greg Judd VP of Business Development
Greg Judd

Greg is our super account strategist & business development guru, with years of experience in online marketing and finance. He'll challenge anyone to a ping pong match at any time, even over the phone.

Daryl Klingaman Director of Client Strategy
Daryl Klingaman

Often referred to as The Foosball Champ, Daryl leads our sales and onboarding teams at Disruptive. His strategic mind helps ensure we’re partnering with the right companies and have the right tactics in place from the start. When he’s not working (yeah right!) he enjoys the great outdoors with his wife, daughter, and black lab. Some of his favorite things to do are skiing, Jeeping, mountain biking, and snorkeling.

Craig Wakefield Senior Marketing Strategist & Team Lead
Craig Wakefield

You may find Craig in full camo at 10,000 feet with his bow, or in tails out on the dance floor.

Relationship management and marketing are his forte. He has a knack for blending art and science to grow business and create success.

Brandt Whiting Senior Marketing Strategist & Team Lead
Brandt Whiting

Brandt is our world traveller, recently going on a 7 month trip through Asia, Africa and Central America. You can find him running races and playing volleyball during the summer and jumping in frozen lakes during the winter, all while killing it for his clients.

Adam Kaiser Senior Marketing Strategist & Team Lead
Adam Kaiser

Adam is our rock star Client Account Manager. Literally. We finally convinced him not to hold band practice at work, and he still swears that cutting his hair short doesn't make him a sellout.

Manny Lopez UI Designer
Manny Lopez

Manny is our hardworking, yet chill, CRO Designer. He loves photography and lifting, but makes it a priority to call his mom every day. You'll recognize him by his friendly smile and terribly attempted Australian accent.

Jared Lee Testing & Optimization Strategist
Jared Lee

Jared is our surprisingly half-Chinese CRO Strategist. When he is not executing your tests, he is executing someone else's. Otherwise, he can be found doing pretend Crossfit or writing fiction.

Jenny Hatch Marketing Manager
Jenny Hatch

Jenny is short in stature but mighty in spirit. In the office she's always playing Mario Kart and getting killer ROIs, and at home she likes making Pinterest-worthy projects and recipes. Oh, and she’s always up for an outdoor adventure.

Colby Zimmerman Senior PPC Strategist
Colby Zimmerman

Colby is our wiffle ball super star! Always on top of his tasks, he's well loved by his clients and everyone at Disruptive. He's known in the office for his giant tub of protein powder and eternal love for softball.

Blake Larson Account Strategist
Blake Larson

Blake doesn't say as much as some people, so when he talks everybody listens because we know it's going to be important. He's got the meanest defensive foosball shot in the office too.

Patrick Francom Account Strategist
Patrick Francom

Patrick has an obsession with strategy. Whether it’s in games, war or SEM. When he’s not making clients happy he’s gaming, kickboxing or playing with his wife and baby girl.

Brad Hunt Account Strategist
Brad Hunt

Brad is one of our killer account strategists. His background has covered everything from paid search to email marketing and SEO.

When out of office, you can usually find him fly fishing or eating a bag of gushers.

Kevin Manning Account Strategist
Kevin Manning

Kevin is an outdoor man, with a love of marketing. He loves baseball ALMOST as much as he loves working on PPC campaigns. His goal is to visit every MLB stadium in the U.S.

Andrew Warren eCommerce PPC Strategist
Andrew Warren

Andrew Warren is our beardiest Client Account Manager. When he's not making awesome ecommerce campaigns you'll find him at the Army surplus trying on boots and ordering regular shoppers around.

Jeff Allan Account Strategist
Jeff Allan

When Jeff is not running stellar PPC accounts, you would find him up the canyon putting in 20+ miles on his bike, or star gazing with his kids. Though he may not be the best ping pong player in the office, he does show promising potential.

Glen Petersen Account Strategist
Glen Petersen

Glen likes to think that he's the ping pong champ, but we need a few more tournaments to be sure. When he's not traveling or riding a motorcycle, you'll find him in the office getting results for his clients.

Landon Hedin Account Strategist
Landon Hedin

Landon brings many years of sales and marketing expertise to our team. You can usually find him with a fly rod in his hands, or on the golf course trying not to throw his clubs. His family occupies 1,000,000% of his time, and he loves it.

Chad de Lisle Account Strategist
Chad de Lisle

Chad is a Small Business Guru 8 years in the making. When he isn't checking his coworker's email threads for grammar, he's planning his weekly Dungeons & Dragons game or shredding on guitar.

Andrew Maliwauki Senior Marketing Designer
Andrew Maliwauki

Andrew is a graphic designer and CRO specialist who adamantly proclaims "There Will Be Blood" as the greatest movie ever made. He also loves pugs. A lot.

Andrew Coggins UI/UX Designer
Andrew Coggins

Andrew is a graphic designer who's been infected with an incurable coding virus. Now he's on a crusade to make the interwebz look and act magnificent when he isn't busy grappling or shooting.

Jon Furner Web Developer
Jon Furner

He does magic. Not so much the pick-a-card kind. More the how-did-you-make-it-to-do-that kind.
You've probably heard his infectious laugh at a distance and never knew that's what it was. You're welcome.

Jace Ross Marketing Strategist
Jace Ross

As the worlds most okay bass player, Jace Ross (AKA the Bass Boss) loves helping businesses with their PPC Strategy. He also enjoys playing guitar, fishing, and just chilling with his wife and their little dog Luna.

Dallin Cottle Marketing Strategist
Dallin Cottle

Dallin lives in downtown Salt Lake City with his wife and daughter. When he's not body building or reading, he's finding new ways for Disruptive to help customers across almost every industry.

Trevor Anderson Testing & Optimization Strategist
Trevor Anderson

Trevor lives for web optimization, baseball season, and cheeseburgers. If he isn't talking your ear off about testing concepts and strategies, it's probably about sports or hand-made pottery. He boasts that all great brainstorming sessions start with two things: ice cream and rap music.

April Moody Chief of Happiness
April Moody

April ALWAYS has chapstick. Her duties include keeping Disruptive's employees fed, as well as making sure our clients are happy. When she's not making Costco runs, she's probably on an adventure with her family.

Brad Witbeck Video Advertising Specialist
Brad Witbeck

When he's not heading up Disruptive's Video Advertising efforts, you can usually find Brad on a video shoot somewhere, writing a new comedy routine, or studying more acting and writing techniques with his drop-dead gorgeous wife.

Michael Gilbert Financial Controller
Michael Gilbert

Michael comes from a long line of accountants. He's a CPA and previously worked at a public accounting firm for 6 years. One of his main hobbies is farming at home with his 4 kids, 9 chickens, 4 beef steers and a few beehives.

Joe Broderick Web Developer
Joe Broderick

Joe is our local musical developer. He's been programming since 2007, and is great at combining research, networking, and persistent testing for the benefit of our clients.

Joe also has toured the world as a choral singer, and loves to hang out with his wife and 5 kids.

Taylor Thomas Testing & Optimization Strategist
Taylor Thomas

Taylor likely hasn't seen your favorite movie, unless it's Home Alone (1 or 2), in which case he'll gladly quote it in entirety with you. Aside from that, he's a pretty normal guy who likes improving the utility, usability, and usefulness (read: profitability) of websites.

Aj de Lisle Account Strategist
Aj de Lisle

AJ is an ambitious and dedicated member of our SMB branch. When he's not getting great results for clients, he loves to play guitar and tell people that he's not actually Michael Cera.

Zach Stewart Account Strategist
Zach Stewart

With 10 years of account management under his belt, and 5 of those involving implementation and product management, Zach is one of our most experienced digital marketers. He also has a really nice mustache.

Hyunjin Lee Marketing Strategist
Hyunjin Lee

Lee has been in sales and sales leadership for 5+ years, and is passionate about helping others achieve their aspirations.

When he isn't at work, he loves to cook, spend time with his family, and catch a Broncos football game.

Jacob Thuet Account Strategist
Jacob Thuet

Excellent PPC skills run in the Thuet family. Jacob is one of the people we trust with small businesses. His clients know him to be reliable and hard working. He loves soccer, surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, camping, and anything else that happens outdoors.

Jordan Allred Marketing Strategist
Jordan Allred

Jordan is all about helping clients fix their problems.

On the weekends he loves to bow hunt and fish, or play a round of golf. Lately he's been spending a lot of time learning new strategies to apply to clients' PPC accounts.